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In addition to CVM Numbers

Knowing the sanctioning activity of the Securities and Exchange Commission - CVM is relevant to understanding and evaluating the effectiveness of the legal regime that governs the conduct of capital market agents. A panoramic view of the sanctioning activity, with the disclosure of numbers, serves as a starting point for this assessment.

Since 2019, the Center for Studies in Financial and Capital Markets at FGV Direito SP (MFCap) has monitored the results of CVM sanctioning activities and the release of the regulator's quarterly and annual reports. Our work presents analyzes and organization of data that go beyond official reports, always based on publicly available information.

The objective is to identify and analyze trends over time and their relationship with the CVM's legal mandate, which includes ensuring the efficient and regular functioning of the market, protecting investors against irregular issues, illegal acts by administrators, use of privileged information and the occurrence of market abuse modalities, pursuant to art. 4th. of Law 6.385/1976.

The reports are an effort in this direction, bringing data and information on administrative processes judged and the terms of commitment evaluated by the CVM over the years. 

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