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limited liability companies


Based on documents from limited liability companies filed at the São Paulo Board of Trade (Jucesp) over the last 20 years, selected according to a statistically relevant sample, the research is structured in two parts. The first, using descriptive statistics, seeks to portray the profile of limited liability companies active in the state of São Paulo, in particular their capital structure. The second part intends to analyze the current legislation and the bills related to the theme in light of the average profile of limited liability companies in activity.

Researchers involved:


Participating in this research project are: Ary Oswaldo Mattos Filho, Renato Vilela, Victor Ribeiro, Maurício Chavenco (collaborator) and Paulo Hubert (collaborator).

Publications and results:


Within the scope of the research project on limited liability companies, we produced the report that can be accessed below:


1. Radiography of Limited Liability Companies. (Click here to download

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